What can I do for your church?

Web Design & Development


Imagine having a website that empowers you to reach your community online, reflects your church’s personality, and clearly explains your church’s mission and vision for the future.

That’s what a Website Design Package will get you for just $500. The Design Package includes setup for your host, blog, and contact forms, twenty-five pages, and a custom design based on the goals and personality of your church.

Does your site need some extra features? I’m happy to help!

Are you a Church Plant?

I don’t want money to keep you from getting the website you need. That’s why I’ll give your church plant a Web Design Package for FREE. 

Contact me to start building your free website today!

Sermon Engine


This add-on to the Web Design Package adds a sermon engine to your website. 

The engine allows visitors to share and stream video and audio sermons.

Events Calendar


This add-on to the Web Design Package adds an events calendar to your website. 

The calendar allows members to keep up with your church’s busy schedule and register for events online.

Tithing Form


This add-on to the Web Design Package adds a secure online tithing form to your website.

Online tithing allows members to give through your website or through a free app.

Hosting Setup

You may not know what an SSL certificate, FTP access, or Content Delivery Network are, but that’s okay. I’m here to help set up everything related to your host so you don’t have to.

While I can work with your own web hosting, I highly recommend Flywheel to every web owner. From web novice to expert, Flywheel has something to offer everyone.

Fantastic, Free Hosting for Non-Profits (i.e. Most Churches)

Dreamhost, one of the biggest names in web hosting and one of the few web hosts recommended by WordPress, offers registered U.S. non-profits a free Shared Starter account and up to five branded email addresses. 

This is an incredible value for small churches!

A Shared Starter account includes unlimited storage, automatic daily backups, 24/7 access to web experts, and a free SSL certificate (https).

Did you know?

With web hosting, you usually get what you pay for.

If you choose a host based on value alone, you may end up with slow loading speeds, poor support, or limited features.

That’s what makes Dreamhost’s free offer for non-profits so incredible!

Basic Hosting


Not a non-profit? No problem. 

Dreamhost’s Shared Starter plan offers affordable rates, excellent customer service, daily backups, and a free SSL certificate (https) for just under $50 per year!

Domain Name


You must have a domain name to run a website, but that doesn’t mean every domain name is created equal.

Whether you’d like a .com, .org, or .church domain, I’ll help you find the one that’s perfect for your church.

Branded Email


Do you want to give your staff a professional edge? 

Branded Gmail (Google) accounts keep communication simple and give staff a way to keep work emails away from personal accounts.

What do you think?

Are you ready to start building your new site?

I’d love to answer any questions you might have and talk to you about building your church a modern, responsive website today!

Feel free to reach out by emailing [email protected],  calling (715) 869-6458, or filling out the form below.